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Sound Art . Walking Meditations . Improvisations

Liquid EnsembleDaniel Kelly, Chris Michael, Kevin Quigley, Katie Down
00:00 / 07:37
Harp and GlassElizabeth Panzer and Katie Down
00:00 / 07:35
The Alchemical Garden - a sound walk
Steel This GongMichael Jay and Katie Down
00:00 / 03:27
WaterKatie Down
00:00 / 04:32

SBS Live at Quinn's - Tamalyn Miller, Katie Down 

New Born Trio 

I WishNewBorn Trio
00:00 / 07:01
TheCelebrationNewBorn Trio
00:00 / 02:56
BestMostSilkNewBorn Trio
00:00 / 04:14

Music For Theatre and Film

"Stations" from Innocents
"The Wedding" from Innocents
"Bellomont" from Innocents
"Garden Parasols" from Innocents
"Memory" from Innocents
"Lost Letter" from Innocents
"Catch Me" from Cecilia's Last Tea Party
"Billy's Nightmare" from Cecilia's Last Tea Party
"Dark Shadow" from Cecilia's Last Tea Party
"Shape of flight" from Serendib
"For what water dreams" from Serendib

The Ukuladies Originals

Let's Have Another Round
Another Like You
Mean Old Man
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