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Struggling with trauma, anxiety, or depression?

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Craft your
healing journey

Discover a unique blend of creativity and mindfulness crafted for your healing. Katie, a board- certified music therapist, seamlessly merges innovative techniques like MBSR, EMDR, and Somatic Psychotherapy for maximum impact. Trusted with top-tier certifications and recognized as a professor at SUNY New Paltz, she's here to guide you towards rejuvenation. Join her in Hudson Valley, NYC, or from the comfort of your home via Zoom

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Embark on a Transformative Journey: Personalized, Holistic Healing Tailored for Your Unique Story

Your Holistic Healing Journey

Dive deep with Sound Well's personalized therapy. Through creativity, mindfulness, and somatic awareness, tackle trauma, anxiety, and depression
under Katie Down's expert guidance

Cutting-Edge Healing Techniques

Explore powerful therapies from Creative Arts to EMDR. Dive into proven methods championed by renowned figures like Carl Jung, alongside modern
practices like Sound Baths and Reiki

Wellness Beyond Boundaries

From revitalizing workplace retreats to focused clinical supervision, Sound Well extends healing beyond traditional settings, championing wellness for all, everywhere.

Dive into Our Holistic Offerings


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Creative Arts Therapies

Embrace the philosophy championed by Carl Jung, where creative acts become paths to self-understanding. Through arts, discover a deeper connection to self.

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Renowned for its efficacy in trauma healing, EMDR—created by Francine Shapiro— addresses traumatic memories. It's a method praised in "The Body Keeps the Score"

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Reiki and Sound

Harness the universal life force energy through Reiki. Paired with sound, it balances the nervous system and guides one to inner equilibrium.

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Sound Bath

Experience deep relaxation with diverse instruments. Sound Baths induce a healing state, amplified with breath work and aromatherapy

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Mindful Based Stress Reduction

Founded by Jon Kabat-Zinn, this approach equips one with tools to observe life non- judgmentally, promoting compassion and mindfulness

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Workplace Wellness

Prioritize employee wellbeing with offerings like meditation and sound baths. A joyous work environment is within reach.

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Clinical Supervision

For healers and caregivers, I offer supervision, focusing on self-care and reflection.Tailored to individual or group needs, ensuring well-rounded growth in the realm of healing.

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Discover Our Journey:
Past and Future Events

Dive into our eventful past and peek into the exciting adventures that await! Navigate to our events page and see the milestones we've achieved and what's on the horizon. Don't miss out; be a part of our unfolding story



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Katie Down is doing important work in raising the level of training for sound healers. She is combining her knowledge of training and supervision as a music therapist with her teaching and practice as a sound healer. I heartily support her work and see her as an important 'bridge' integrating the knowledge base in these two areas of practice.

Dr. Alan Turry
Managing Director,
Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy

Read The Blog

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"Sounds Heal" Interview by Natalie Brown

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the lovely sound practitioner Natalie Brown about my relationship to sound, how I came into this sound journey as a meditation teacher and music therapist.

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Pitchfork Article by Jayson Greene "Can Music Heal Trauma?"

Imagine you are a newborn baby in an intensive care unit. Maybe you were born prematurely, or didn’t get enough oxygen during the delivery. There might be an IV in your tiny arm, with a small board holding it down so you can’t rip it out. You might have a tube going...

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Helpful Hints for Sound Practitioners

There are wonderful instruments in the world from which to choose to use in therapeutic sound practices, so it is important that you not only know the origin of the instrument, the cultural heritage, the history, legacy, and playing technique, it is important to be aware of cultural appropriation...

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